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Gas Safety

Gas Safety Device Using LPG cylinders without Gas Safety Products can prove to be very harmful. For making you feel safe from accidents that may cause due to leakage of LPG Cylinder Systems, we as a prominent manufacturer and exporter, offering durable Gas Safety Device (GSD). Also known as Gas Fuse, our products themselves shut off the flow of gas when leakage is detected in the downstream system of the GSD or LPG Hose. The innovatively designed gas safety products we offer have advanced pressure indicator which itself provide low level indication signal, when the LPG Cylinder is left with less gas.

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Women's Health

These are the revolutionary sanitary pads have 8 layers for ultra-absorption. That means stay dire and Frasers all day along. A unique Anion strip that reduces irritation, the infection might cause you cancer or any kind of disease and odors gives you peace of mind right through your period even on the heaviest days.Lady anion Napkin is a hygienic antibacterial sanitary napkin that has an embedded Anion strip and Medicinal herbs which help prevent bacterial multiplication, eliminate odour and promotes comfort during menstrual periods.

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